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    Home page under development

    Reit Games is a place to play home made games integrated with web3. Use owned assets across all of the games, and be part of my indie game dev journey. I'll post progress on my own games, write blog posts with useful tips to consider when you create your own games, and occasionally write about web development.

    This is the beginning of Reit Games. Look forward to web3 and gaming merged and immersed. Join me on my journey as a solo indie game dev!

    I will add games to my home page, and I will integrate wallet login, making it possible for you to use your owned assets in all of my games. I'll keep you posted with my own progress, and create posts with tips on creating your own games. Most of the games I make are in 2D, and made with Phaser.

    I usually participate in gamejams, and upload modified versions of my entries. One game jams in particular is for JavaScript games under 13KB. Those games are made without an engine, or with a minimalistic engine focused on keeping the size as small as possible.